The Progress - pre order

About the Bike

The Progress is a fixed gear bike for Urban use. The geometry of the bike is similar to other track bikes. It has a steep head tube and fairly high bottom bracket. It makes the bike short and agile, perfect for the urban environment.

About this form

By filling in this form, you express interest in The Progress. You enter a small loop of people who can order the first -and probably only- edition of this special bike. We will take pre orders till the 31st of July. To be clear, you are not ordering the bike by filling in this form. It is only a method to get in touch.

The bike will be available as a fully built frame, in different sizes. The price of this bike will be close to €2600, depending on the size of the first edition. If you have wishes regarding the parts, finish or geometry, let us know! 

The order

When the pre-order period has ended, and we’ve discussed your bike (parts, geometry, finish), i will send you an offer with full info and delivery date. Until you've paid the deposit, you are not obligated to continue the order. If you have any questions about this form or the bike, please drop an email, or ask them when i've contacted you. Thank you for your interest!


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